A reception to an application of a work was closed.

Thank you very much for your a lot of work applications by everyone.

Submission Guideline of Your Work to Niihama SDGs Art Festival
(Submission Rules).

      Before submitting your work to our art festival, please read the following guidelines carefully and get permission from your parents/guardian. It is not necessary to fill in the blank for the agreement of your parents/guardian on the submission form for each individual work if the works are submitted through your school, or organizations/groups designated by our coordinating committee.
      The work should meet all the following requirements in this guideline. Any work that does not meet any of the requirements or is judged as inappropriate may be rejected. Please carefully read the following requirements:


The Work for Submission

Please choose the goal you are most interested in among the 17 ideals of the SDGs as the theme of your work. Express what you imagine, think, or feel in terms of your selected theme through an original planar work (painting/tableau), or video. The work should be the original work of the applicant and will not be accepted if it has already been displayed at another exhibit.

A planar work is one created using paint, ink, or pencil on the prescribed size of paper (see below). A video work if a live-action video or CG animation that is processed and edited by a computer.

Period for Application

April 1st to June 30th, 2019.

A reception to an application of a work was closed.

Eligibility of Applicants

Elementary and Junior High School Students (Grade 1-9) who were born from April 2nd, 2004 to April 1st, 2012 can apply. In the case of applications from abroad, students with the same age as the Japanese counterparts may apply to our art festival.

Division for Judgement and Display by Grade/Age

The works that are judged and displayed according to the following divisions by the grade level of the applicants;

A: Grade 1-3 (7-9 years old)

B: Grade 4-6 (10-12 years old)

C: Grade 7-9 (13-15 years old)


Contact us

Inquiry and application work submission address

Application work submission address

Niihama City Museum of Art

2-8-1 Sakai-cho, Niihama-city, Ehime Pref. 792-0812, Japan

TEL. +81-897-65-3580



Please inquire to us about an art festival by an e-mail or a fax.

FAX: +81-897-65-3581

e-mail: info@niihama-sdgs.jp

Please inquire using the contact form. The contact form is from here.


Period of exhibit

August 24th to October 18th, 2019.

Award ceremony

August 31st, 2019 at the indoor stage of Akagane Museum


Niihama City Museum of Art (Akagane Museum)


Number of Works: How many works can you apply?

One work per applicant, per category. One applicant can (not must) submit one planar work (painting/tableau) and at the same time, one video work.


Size, Available Materials, Time, Mode, Etc.

Planar work

・Please draw your work using A4 or A3 paper.

・A paper can be used in either a vertical or a horizontal position.

・Any color of drawing paper can be used, but please do not use thick paper like cardboard.

・Please do not use a frame or protective material. For example, do not put your work between acrylic or glass plates.

・You can choose materials for expression freely, except for materials which peel off easily or might soil another work. In addition, do not use materials that are easily erased.

・Please do not use materials to make your work thicker, such as pasting solid objects, woolen yarn, or tape to the surface of your planar work.


Video Work

・Time limit: 3 minutes.

・Resolution video: more than 720x480 pixel with a 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended.

・File format and extension:

 Windows Media Video: .wmv

 DV-AVI: .avi

 MPEG-2: .mpg

 MPEG-4: .mp4

・Please attach a thumbnail image to each work.

・Recording medium: any CD-R, DVD-R, or BD-R.


How to Submit Your Work

・Please submit your work together with the completed submission form.

・Please paste the entry card to the upper-right part of the back of your planar work (like a painting/tableau) to indicate the direction for the display of your work. We will display ・your work according to the position of the pasted entry card.

・One entry card is necessary for each application. Please paste it to each work.

・Please submit your work to Niihama City Museum of Art (or an organization/group designated by the coordinating committee) directly or by post.

・When sending a recording medium of your video work, please take measures to prevent it from breaking.

・Operating hours of the museum: 9:30 to 17:00 (closed on monday, the first Tuesday of each month, and holidays).



Judges will make assessments between mid-July and early August 2019. We will not respond to questions regarding the decisions of the judging committee. We cannot make any responses to objections to our judgment, or requests for explanations of the results.


Results of Judgment

The results of our judgment will be presented at the end of August, 2019 through the homepage of Akagane Museum. We let prize winners know the results by post.


Important Issues for Applying

By submitting work to our Art Festival applicants and their parents/guardians agree to the following terms:

1. Agreement from parents/guardians with your application

For application, you need to get consent from your parents/guardians. We consider your parents/guardians to have already agreed with your application when we receive your work. If you submit through your school or an organization/group designated by our coordinating committee, it is not necessary to fill out agreement for each work.

2. Exhibition of  work

All the submitted works will be exhibited through the whole period of the Art Festival. However, we will make the decisions regarding the way, order, and place in terms of display. We cannot accept any objections or requests for explanations concerning these issues. We will expend all possible means in presenting and displaying the works through the whole period of the festival. As an organizer, we are not liable for any damage resulting from defects due to the materials of a work or its structure, or other accidental event, such as a natural disaster.

3. Copyright

Please submit your work, only after getting permission to use any portraits, characters, music, images, sounds, et cetera featured in your work. If someone appeals a violation of these rights, we may revoke prizes even after publicizing the judgment results.  We, as an organizer, are not liable for any responsibility. We consider any rights (including copyright) belonging to the applicants, except for music and image resources to which the applicants do not have any rights.

4. Photography

During the period of the Art Festival, photography is allowed, including of works displayed in the venue. However it is forbidden to record video works in their entirety.

5. Return of the work to applicants

Please designate whether you want your work returned. We will not return the prize-winning works. They will be kept in storage in our museum.

All the artworks that have been submitted from outside of Japan will not be returned to the applicants to avoid unfavorable troubles such as the missing during the transportation.

6. Use of submitted works for advertisement

Applicants consent to allowing us to use their works (reuse in the case of video images) for advertisement activities and events relevant to the Art Festival.

7. Accidents during the transportation of work, including by post

We, as an organizer, are not liable for any accidents during the transportation of work.

8. Cost for application

We, as an organizer, will not bear any cost for the production or transportation of works. Applicants will bear these costs.


Inappropriate Work for Our Festival

Works may be barred for acceptance or have prizes revoked if they are deemed inappropriate, even after judgments have been made.

・Works that violate or are at risk of violating the intellectual property or other rights such as portraits, publicity and copyrights of organizers, co-organizers and the other third-parties.

・Works that include indecent expressions and/or content.

・Works that violate a law or risk violating a law.

・Works that include expressions and/or content against public policy or at risk of being judged so.

・A prize-winning work that is identical or recognized as considerably similar to a previously presented/published work.

・Any works that are judged as inappropriate for our festival by us.


Dealing with Personal Information

We expend all possible attention in dealing with the personal information on the application form.

The personal information provided by applicants is limited to use for the following purpose:

・To contact with applicants regarding works and/or prize-winning, providing information and follow-up inquiries from us.

・The name and age of prize-winner will be updated on advertising tool, such as our homepage and newsletter.

・Except if requested by a legal institution, we will not disclose third-parties with the personal information of applicants.

(This guideline was prepared in January 2019)