"Niihama SDGs Art Festival 2019" ended on Friday, October 18.
Total of 4,763 people visited in whole period of this exhibition.
An art exhibition like this work solicitation type was the first try for us.
We're deeply grateful that a session could have been ended safely by everybody's support cooperation.

Period of exhibit: August 24th to October 18th, 2019.
Venue: Niihama City Museum of Art (Akagane Museum)

Opening Address for the Niihama SDGs Art Festival

              Akagane Museum serves as a place where the children who will shoulder our future can see, feel, learn about, and create art.
              I believe that art brings forth universal truth beyond race, age, and language to act as the common language of the world. At the same time, art is the most crucial tool World Peace and the improvement of the human race.
              To make a place inviting and lively it is paramount for children to talk about their dreams with each other, and to cherish their city’s art and culture even 10 or 20 years from now.
              In light of these goals to foster children’s creativity and achieve a sustainable society, Akagane Museum is opening a public invitation art exhibit with the theme of the seventeen ideals of the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” which we hope to achieve worldwide by 2030.
Masanori Aoyagi
Honorary President of Niihama SDGs Art Festival

A call from Niihama City for artwork that will change the world!

              In August 2019, “The Niihama SDGs Art Festival” will be held in Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. It is a rotating exhibit planned by the Niihama City Museum of Art themed around the realization of a sustainable society.
              The artwork from students of primary and lower secondary schools, not only in Japan, but also in the world, plays a central role in this art festival. Students select one of the seventeen goals of the SDGs as the theme of their work. Any subject matter and content may be used to express their thoughts, imagination, or feelings about their selected goal. We greatly expect that man works created with students’ gentle sensibilities and emancipated creativity will reach a wider audience. The message for the realization of world peace and a sustainable future will lead to the development of greater, more visible efforts toward the achievement of SDGs.
              Would you please to join this art festival? Filled with individual children’s ideas, works from all over the world meet at this art festival in our Akagane Art Museum (the nickname of Niihama City Museum of Art). We believe that our art festival will be displayed.
A reception to an application of a work was closed.
Thank you very much for your a lot of work applications by everyone.


Akagane Prize (City Mayor’s Prize)
Grand Prize (City Assembly Chair Person’s Prize)
Awards for Excellence (Superintendent of Niihama City Board of Education Prize and Honorary President Prize)
Special Awards
Having to do with the persons who connected Niihama City and have made great and pioneering contributions to the improvement of Niihama City. The special prizes are established under their names for the manifestation of their actions, and for passing their works on to our children.

    • Manabe Hiroshi Prize
      • For his pioneering work as an illustrator, and the future societies he has made. His unique ideas and inventions are highly inspiring and promote a peaceful and inclusive society and human cohabitation.
    • Hirose Saihei Prize
      • As a pioneer of industrial revolution in Japan, he promoted resilient infrastructure, construction, and comprehensive and sustainable industrial innovation in contemporary Japan through the modernization of Besshi Copper Mine.
    • Iba Teigo Prize
      • He was a pioneer of environmental remediation, and made great efforts in reforestation projects and correcting environmental problems. He made a great contribution to the preservation, recovery, sustainable management of the biodiversity of living organisms on land, in forests, and the promotion of its wise use, prevention of deterioration, and soil recovery.
    • Suzuki Masaya Prize
      • As part of the counter-measures to pollution by smoke, he made a great contribution to ensure standards in terms of sustainable consumption and production through the establishment of novel and  era-defining projects.
    • Washio Kageji Prize
      • He proposed a unique policy (Chihou-Kou-Ei-Saku in Japanese) to help Niihama develop autonomously as an industrial city. He also made a great contribution through the encouragement of volunteer activity to realize a sustainable economy, industry, and local community where all people engage in their work with feeling, prosperity, and motivation in life.
    • Shiraishi Takajiro Prize
      • He has made a great contribution in promoting the city plan for Niihama to make it a relevant and sustainable industrial city and to make the coexistence of industries and citizens possible through updating the city infrastructure, including the construction of Niihama Port and the creation of industrial sites.

Photos are cooperatively and kindly provided from Sumitomo History Museum and others.


Koan Hashimoto
Vice President of Joshibi University of Art and Design
Airi Miyata
Teacher of Niihama Municipal Nishi Junior High School
Takashi Naito
Professor of Naruto University of Education
Mayumi Oka
Teacher of Niihama Municipal Uki-Shima Elementary School
Atsuhiko Shima
Director of 21st Century of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Junichi Taniguchi
Professor of Kyoto University of Education
Jury (in alphabetical order of family name) 

This Event is organized by the Steering Committee of Niihama SDGs Art
Festival facilitated by Niihama City, Niihama City Board of Education, Ehime
Shimbun Co., Ltd., and the Akagane Museum Managing Group.

Co-organized by Niihama UNESCO Association, Japan International Cooperation
Agency Shikoku Center (JICA SHIKOKU), ESD Resource Center in Shikoku,
Association of Principals of Elementary Schools in Niihama City, and the
Association of Principals of Junior High schools in Niihama City.
Backed by the NHK Matsuyama Broadcast Station, Nankai Broadcasting Co.,
Ltd., Ehime Broadcasting Co., Ltd., i-TELEVISION INC., Ehime Asahi
Television Inc. ,United Nations Information Centre, National Federation of
UNESCO Associations in JAPAN (NFUAJ), Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for
UNESCO (ACCU), heart@network Co., Ltd., and the Niihama Cultural
Coordination by ESD Resource Center of Japan.
Special coordination by Besshi Business Office of Sumitomo Metal Mining Co.,
Ltd., Ehime Plant of Sumitomo Chemicals Co., Ltd., Ehime Plant of Sumitomo
Heavy Industries Ltd., Sumitomo Joint Electric Power Co., Ltd., Niihama
Business Office of Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., Shikoku Branch Office of
Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd..